On Monday (August 20), after what feels like years of speculative false hope, MTV announced a Hills reboot is officially happening during the 2018 Video Music Awards. According to a release, the show — rebranded as The Hills: New Beginnings — will "reunite original cast members alongside their children and friends," including "new faces" and "returning favorites," and "follow their personal and professional lives while living in Los Angeles."

What's less clear from that incredibly vague description and even more ambiguous teaser trailer — which is basically just a compilation of Hollywood scenery that looks like it could have been made for a high school film project — is who, exactly, we can expect to be showing up on our screens come 2019, when the series is set to premiere. A source told Us Weekly some of the "new faces" will include a celebrity and two bloggers, but as for everyone else, here's what we know about who is and isn't coming back. (Spoiler alert: It's not a lot).

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