Renters who paid the most in South Dakota are not in Sioux Falls as one would expect. According to Business Insider, the most expensive town for renters is Summerset, South Dakota.

With a population of 2,285, the median gross rent is $1,203 and that’s still pretty low compared to the national averages. Data shows that renters in California, Maryland, Texas, New York, and Virginia can pay over $3,500 per month to rent housing.

Summerset is located just west of I-90 between the towns of Black Hawk and Piedmont. It’s a beautiful picturesque town on the edge of the Black Hills.

Business Insider used data from the Census Bureau to compile the numbers. Most of the towns, not surprisingly, are suburbs.

Our neighboring towns and states with the highest rent include Surrey, North Dakota, Grant, Minnesota, Waterloo, Nebraska, and Saylorville, Iowa. Note: Grant, Mn. is just under $3,000 per month, this highest in the midwest.


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