24/7 Wall Street posted their "special report" of the drunkest city in all fifty states. This was determined by looking at data from the Centers for Disease Control on binge drinking and heavy drinking.

South Dakota - Sioux Falls

19.4% of adults in South Dakota binge drink and we rank fourth in the nation in beer consumption. In Sioux Falls 21.1% of adults imbibe in the same manner.

Minnesota - Duluth

19.3% of Minnesota adults binge drink while 20.7% Duluthians (?) binge drink.

Iowa - Dubuque

Dubuque makes Sioux Falls and Duluth look sober. 30.8% of Dubuque adults binge or drink hevily. Iowa itself is also drinking slightly higher than South Dakota and Minnesota at 20.1%.

Nebraska - Omaha

Omaha was ranked the number one drunkest city in Nebraska with numbers similar to South Dakota. 21.1% of adults in the Omaha metro and 19.5% in the state report binge or heavy drinking.