A varying Coronavirus strand that began in Brazil has officially been confirmed in Iowa.

"At least two coronavirus variants are present in Iowa. One first identified in Europe is now believed to be the most prevalent strain in the state while public officials say they have confirmed a case of the more recent Brazil strain in eastern Iowa"- According to Dakota News Now via Associated Press.

This variant is considered to be nearly 50% more infectious than the original COVID-19 strain of coronavirus. Health officials are saying that patients with this strain are experiencing more 'severe illness from it.'

However, the good news is that the current COVID vaccines are proving to be semi-effective in preventing illness from this Brazilian stand as well.

Currently, the variant is still being studied to see how vaccine effective it is.

The new strand was located in Johnson County by an Iowa lab that was conducting genetic sequencing.

The state of Iowa has reported 519 new Coronavirus cases as of today, Friday (April 16)  along with unfortunately thirteen additional deaths.

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Source: Dakota News Now

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