The solar eclipse coming up on Monday, Aug. 21, will be an awe-inspiring experience.

Unless you're not in the fabled "Path of Totality," which will pass through Nebraska, so it's not too far away.

Or if it's cloudy.

Here in Sioux Falls, the moon will cover about 93 percent of the sun, with max darkness at about 1 p.m.

I think I'm going to sit outside, but I'm not looking up. I don't have the glasses. I'm not going to poke a hole in a piece of cardboard. And I don't want to go blind.

So I'm going to watch on my computer. There will be massive TV and online coverage of the event with some outlets planning "loss of bladder control" coverage. That's cool and all, but I'm going with the people who know space -- and have the best tools -- better than anyone.

That's NASA baby.

The federal agency has created a special website for the viewing and is unleashing all kinds of cool stuff.

NASA has a TV station.

But I'll be watching online at this site, which will stream the TV and other sources, including...

"... views from NASA research aircraft, high-altitude balloons, satellites and specially-modified telescopes. It also will include live reports from Charleston, as well as from Salem, Oregon; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Beatrice, Nebraska; Jefferson City, Missouri; Carbondale, Illinois; Hopkinsville, Kentucky; and Clarksville, Tennessee."

Satellites baby, satellites. Seems cool to me.

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