Someday, I wish to have enough money to travel all 50 states to find the best (_____) in the country! Yes, people do that kind of stuff.

I would probably hit the road to find the best beer brewed in each state. That would be a fun Exedrin-fueled road-trip. But I would miss my wife and kids.

So my dream will have to wait.

Until then, we have a guy named Dan Caprera, who traveled to all 50 states to find the best mini-golf courses in each state. An epic trip. An epic mission.

After playing the jungles of Hawaii, the deserts of Nevada, and the snows of Alaska, Dan found himself in South Dakota, where he found the Holy Terror Mini-Golf Course near Keystone to be the best.

A nice honor, but his review fell a little short of shiny. According to his blog, he said,

It wasn’t even holy! Or terrifying! Honestly, I haven’t seen something this poorly labeled since I purchased “chicken of the sea” - Dan Caprera, mini-golf enthusiast and travel blogger.

You can see who has the best mini golf in each state by checking out his blog. It's worth a read for golf nuts, especially since we are all hanging our golf clubs in the garage to prepare for winter.

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