At my part time job last weekend, one of my older co-workers said something that just had me rolling.

She was told a story about how her adult son was thinking of having a baby with his girlfriend. He already has a child from a previous relationship and she said she didn't want him to have "Summer Kids."

I was so confused. Summer kids?

She explained "summa your kids are here and summa your kids are there."

I cracked up. I don't remember the rest of the story because I was so stuck on her phrasing.

So we asked listeners today to tell us some of the funniest phrases they've heard. We got some doozies.

  • My dad calls sunglasses cool dudes! So he'll be like, nice cool dudes!
  • Farfer looks good from far.. but far from good!
  • Growing up when my dad was so hungry he would always say: I'm so hungry I could eat the butt hole outta a skunk haha
  • It was a really hot summer day and one of my coworkers walked into work and used the phrase "it's hotter than a popcorn fart!"
  • My dad always says "that will make a tadpole slap a whale" he usually uses it when he's talking about how good food is
  • My mom always says funny as a rubber the mental pic cracks me up..
  • My mom always said "they have class, might be third or fourth class, but class"
  • Mad as a mosquito in a mannequin factory
  • Oh! And, "I ain't laughed that hard since the hogs ate my brother"
  • A fart is a turd whistling for a landing spot
  • He's struggling like a 3 legged cat trying to bury a turd on a frozen pond
  • My dad says he's busier than a one armed man sweeping confetti in a windtunnel
  • My dad farted and then got up to use the restroom.. he said "if you can hear the whistle, the train is coming"

And those were just the text messages that were 'appropriate.'

I think my favorite is the mosquito in a mannequin factory of the the last one about farting and a train whistle. Might have to work those into my vernacular.

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