As the title suggests, Badlands National Park is very picturesque, but it is so much more.

According to, "This striking South Dakota landscape boasts a maze of buttes, canyons, pinnacles, and spires. Skeletons of three-toed horses and saber-toothed cats are among the many fossilized species found here. Wildlife abounds in the park’s 244,000 acres and can often be seen while hiking..."

While on a road trip west recently, my friend and I knew we wanted to swing through The Badlands. We had both been through the park before, but it's still amazing no matter how many times you've been there.

The park has many hiking and camping opportunities. My friend and I aren't quite those kinds of people, but we can still enjoy the beauty all around us.

We took the Badlands Loop State Scenic Byway. It's the quicker option when driving through The Badlands. It is about 40 miles. It features the Big Badlands Overlook, Pinnacles Overlook, and Yellow Mounds Overlook. If you have more time and an adventurous spirit there are at least 12 overlooks and 8 trails to explore.

So whether you're more like me and my friends and can appreciate the beauty, but really are there for the perfect photo op, or if you're a real outdoorsy person, Badlands National Park has something for everybody.

Just remember, while trying to get that perfect photo, be safe, and keep your wits about you. Don't fall into a canyon! I was super nervous taking a few of these pics, but they are so worth it!

Enjoy some of our great photo ops below!

The Badlands Through Photos

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