From TV show reboots to fashion, the 90's are back. And you know what? I welcome it. This current wave of 90's nostalgia that's washing over the world is great. I remember the gross attempts at rebooting the 1960's during the late 80's. All the old people trying to bring back hippies and flower power junk. Thanks a lot Wonder Years. It seemed like everyone over 40 wanted to tell you how muddy they got at Woodstock, and got wayyyy to excited about new Rolling Stones music.

90's nostalgia is so much better. Yea, 80's weirdos won't shut up about The Goonies, but come on. The Goonies verses Jurassic Park? Spielberg unlocked his highest achievements in the 90's. JP, Schindler, Private Ryan. Hey you guys, check out these movies that hold up!

And musically, our love has been tainted by way more than 99 red balloons for far to long. I stopped believing in that 80's style ten seconds into Nevermind.

Oh, and I was there baby! From JP's opening day in the theater, to Seinfeld's last episode, I lived the 90's, it was pretty great. We gathered around the 25 (!) inch TV to wait for the Cigarette Smoking Man to brighten our Friday (then Sunday) nights. I played Hanson and the Spice Girls on the radio when they were new (I was very young, don't get the wrong idea). I knew girls that were obsessed with The Lion King, then obsessed with Titanic. Don't forget the flannel, combat boots, chokers, black fingernails and eyeliner, and, um. it seems I'm just thinking a person I knew in collage. Anyways.

I mean there were some drawback to living in the 90s.

I still had to go to the library and use books for school.

CDs cost $18, and often only had one good song. But how else were we supposed to hear "One Headlight?"

There was no Netflix.

No YouTube or IMDB.

Oh man! I forgot what it was like to live in world where you just had to not know something. "Hey, remember that thing? I wish I could watch it. I guess I just won't ever know what movie that one guy was in." Miss SNL? Then you were SOL; Mango was lost to the ages. Or until summer reruns.

And no DVR! Sure we had VCRs, but there was still so much planning and coordinating involved with TV. You had to scan the TV guide, program the VCR, and god-forbid there were two shows on at the same time that you wanted to record!

Oh! and don't for get all the people you had to talk to and all the leaving the house life required! At banks you had to talk to folks. To register for collage I had to use a phone and go to different buildings. To pay bills required checks. Yes, actual checks! And the mail. To watch a movie, you had to go to a store, rent it, if they had it, and return it the next day.

Oh man, then phones. They were stuck to the wall! if you needed to talk to someone, you would just hope they were near their phone at the same time you called. And all thy did was make calls. You had to have an entirely different device to take pictures, listen to music or get directions. And getting directions involved more talking to people. All these things that only did one thing.

OK, so maybe it wasn't the golden age I want to remember. I need to cancel my order for that time machine.


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