The chances of being killed by an animal are probably at their lowest in history. Becoming lunch was a worry for our distant relatives.

Today, if an animal kills you it'll more likely be by making you sick. Like mosquitoes and malaria.

If you do die in an animal attack it'd probably be from a dog or maybe a snake. They kill almost as many humans a year as other humans do.

Oh! and by the way, did you know freshwater snails are super dangerous? Apparently, they are best buds with parasites that cause about 10,000 deaths a year. But, it is nice to have my ban on eating snails justified.

The 9 Deadliest Creatures at the Great Plains Zoo in Sioux Falls
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The Great Plains Zoo in Sioux Falls is an excellent resource for the community. I know for me that it's the only place I'll probably ever see a bear, lion, or tiger in person (oh my). Which is perfectly fine, I'm more of an 'indoor kid.'

But having those animals housed and well taken care of right here in our city is great. The internet connects us all, but it is not a replacement for experiencing things in real life. Plus, I can see these dangerous animals in a safe environment.

But, if you're curious, we gathered up a list of the nine most deadly creatures that live at the Great Plains Zoo in Sioux Falls:

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9 Deadliest Creatures at the Great Plains Zoo in Sioux Falls

Gallery Credit: Ben Kuhns

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