Where to go for a cold beer in the Rushmore state? Oh, let me count the ways. Only in Your State recently rated the bars in South Dakota with the most history and storied past. Dive bar or classy beer joint, these bars have a rich past and I'm proud to say I've enjoyed a beer in all seven of them. Notice I said "a beer."  Well, there may have been more but just in case mom is reading this...

7. We came upon the Moonshine Gulch Saloon by accident last fall while 4-wheeling in the Black Hills. Entering the tiny town on Rochford and seeing the motorcycles and other ATV's parked outside this wooden saloon...well...it was a no-brainer. Bras on the ceilings and cold beer made it a fun stop on a cool Saturday afternoon.

6. Carey's Bar is the college bar in Vermillion, SD.. Even though it's been quite a few years since I've been there, any fairly lucid patron will not soon forget the red Yote gear on the stuffed wildlife. Not sure if it was the double IPA, but the deer eyes followed me the whole night.

5. Having chugged a Panty Dropper, Nut Hugger, and a Barebutt Bock, (yes...those are names of beers) the Sick n' Twisted Brewery in Hill City is a must stop. Also known for bringing beauties - both busty and glassy - to the beer festivals in the tri-state region, they are quickly becoming a craft beer favorite. Make sure to get a hat while visiting their digs along Highway 365.

4. I'm a HUGE fan of Monk's House of Ale Repute in Sioux Falls. They have such a nice variety, I don't believe I've had the same beer twice. The Gandy Dancer line of brews are my personal favorite. Make sure to check out Mash Madness in March as the brewmasters roll out the Hoppy Ten.

3. Elbow-to-elbow partying and leather as far as the eye can see. It doesn't have to be Rally Week to enjoy a cold one in the famous Sturgis landmark that is the Full Throttle Bar. Grab a jar of moonshine or stay awake for three days straight with a 70% proof espresso shot. Your call.

2. Saloon No. 10 on Deadwood's Main St. will take you back in time to 1876 - the height of unruly times in the wild west. It boasts a museum to Wild Bill Hickock and has the chair he was assassinated in hanging on the wall. The site is where the actual bar (the Nuttal & Mann's Saloon) once stood before burning down.

1. While strolling on Capitol Street in Yankton one might hear the smashing of beer bottles. The sound will be coming from the Icehouse Bar, where there's a fun tradition of tossing your empty beer bottle at a brick wall. Sure, mom said don't play around shards of broken glass but it's too fun to pass up. The name Icehouse also has a fun history. After all, this used to be an ice company back in the roaring 20's. May this iconic brick cathedral of hoppy goodness never crumble.

So, which bars should be in the next 7 story?

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