As a 30-something Packers fan, a recent conversation on Overtime on ESPNSiouxFalls led me to compile a list (in my opinion) of the 5 worst Green Bay Packers injuries in recent years.

Obviously, there are worse and lesser known injuries in the historic past of the franchise, but for simplicity sake, I limited the list to players that I have seen play (i.e. the last 30 years).

Whether it was a short-term issue or a career ending injury, I'll give you my list of the 5 most impactful injuries in recent team history for the Green Bay Packers.

Honorable Mention: Derek Sherrod - 2011

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions
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A first-round pick of the Packers in 2011, Sherrod came with high expectations for the Green and Gold. After a historic season which included a 11-0 start, Sherrod and the Packers would fall to Kansas City on the road for their only regular season loss. Sherrod broke his leg in the game, and was never able to return as a quality starter.

5 - Jermichael Finley

Cleveland Browns v Green Bay Packers
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One of the favorite targets of Aaron Rodgers early on in his career, Finley's time in the league was cut short by a spinal cord injury in 2013. One can only dream of what would have come if Finley had stayed healthy, but he never played another down following his injury.

4 - David Bakhtiari

Jacksonville Jaguars v Green Bay Packers
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Recovery is still a work in progress for Bakhtiari, but his injury in a late season practice in 2020 was one that Packers fans won't forget. Green Bay had earned the #1 seed in the postseason, and Bakhtiari tore his ACL in practice leading up the NFC Championship game against the Buccaneers. The Packers lost that game 31-26.

3 - Jordy Nelson

Pittsburgh Steelers v Green Bay Packers
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Nelson's ACL injury in the 2015 preseason was a stunner and a heartbreaker. It took away Nelson for the season, and made the Packers rely on then unproven players like Davante Adams and Jeff Janis. Green Bay fell short that season in an overtime loss at Arizona in the NFC Divisional Round.

2 - Nick Collins

Super Bowl XLV
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A potential Hall of Fame career cut way too short. Collins had posted back-to-back-to-back Pro Bowl Appearances leading up to the 2011 season, and had 17 interceptions over those 3 seasons. After injuring his neck in September of 2011, Collins never played again, ending his career at the age of 28.

1 - Sterling Sharpe

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As devastating as the prior injuries listed were, there is no injury more saddening than that of Sterling Sharpe. Sharpe was the go-to receiver for Brett Favre early in his career, posting amazing numbers over just 7 seasons. It was again a neck injury for the Packers star, ending his Hall of Fame career way too early. A five-time Pro Bowler, Sharpe could and should hear his name called to Canton someday soon.

There's my personal list of the 5 most impactful injuries in recent Green Bay Packers injuries.

For myself and all Packers fans out there, let's hope for an injury-free 2022 campaign.

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