According to USA Today, the state of Iowa is 55,857 square miles. It's populated by a little over 3 million people and is home to 99 counties. According to Iowa Demographics, there are 1,023 cities/towns in Iowa. Did you know Iowa counts every incorporated place, a city, regardless of the population?

Some of the larger cities in Iowa always seem to be the places talked about on a national scale, which is fair. One of the many great things that make Iowa a unique and a special place to live is the amount of smaller towns that make up this amazing state. It seems to be that the big guys get all of the love. Today, we're going to show some love to the smallest of Iowa towns.

If you had to guess, how many of the smallest Iowa towns have you been to or even driven through? Not surprisingly, some of these towns are located fairly close to Iowa's bigger cities and aren't a very far drive away. Some of these other towns might be considered by some to be in the middle of nowhere.

Even if you've lived in Iowa you're entire life, you might be surprised to learn a new town or two as you check out this list. If you've done a lot of driving throughout the state of Iowa, it's possible you've driven through or past some of these towns without even knowing it. The next time you're taking a road trip through Iowa or maybe want to check off a bucket list city or two, here are the smallest populated towns in Iowa, according to Iowa Demographics.

Smallest Populations In Iowa

Smallest Populated Towns In Iowa

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