A new law goes into effect Friday that allows the sale of some THC gummies and beverages in the state of Minnesota. The products must be sourced from legally certified hemp, according to KSTP.

The individual drinks and gummies can contain up to 5 mg of THC, while a package can contain up to a total of 50 mg.

KSTP quotes an attorney named Jason Tarasek, who also is a board member of the Minnesota Cannabis Association:

“This stuff will get you high, no doubt about it. Everybody’s calling it hemp-derived THC, which makes it sound like something other than marijuana."

He goes on to add that he considers hemp-based products adult-use marijuana. Purchasers of the products must be 21 or older.

A chain of stores called "Nothing But Hemp" will begin selling the products on Friday, July 1st. The store has locations in Forest Lake, Chaska, Minneapolis, St. Paul and White Bear Lake.

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