On the heels of Bourbon Day I ran across an interesting post about a guitar maker crafting prized limited instruments out of bourbon barrels.

Uh-huh. Really!

Imagine playing a guitar that once held some of the worlds best tasting spirits?

Lowden Guitars partnered with Bushmills distillery to make a limited number of these hand crafted gems.

According to the website New Atlas:

The instrument is made up of three different types of wood and the first of the batch is reported to have taken over 40 hours to design and build. The whiskey barrel oak was personally selected by master craftsman George Lowden himself, who has been pioneering acoustic guitar-making techniques since 1974. This has been used for the guitar backs, the 12th fret inlay, the bindings, rosette and head facings.

Exactly how limited are they?  Can you say eight.  Can you say priceless?

I've learned how to enjoy really good bourbon.  Now I think it's finally time to learn how to play the guitar.

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