Good thing Santa is magic, otherwise it would be next to impossible to bring presents to the roughly 760 million Christian children in the world.

The folks at Pew Research Center figured out what kind of workforce Santa would need if he was to deliver just one gift to each child.

They determined Santa would need:

  • 46 international distribution centers, to allow him to reload as he crosses the globe.  That means 400 thousand workers for loading presents onto Santa's sleigh.
  • 60 thousand workers to develop optimized flight plans and communicate with the FAA, secure flyover rights, etc.
  • 7 thousand people monitoring demand and tweaking his route in real time.
  • 100 meteorologists to make sure he doesn't fly into a blizzard.
  • 40 thousand people to help him clear customs.

To give you a sense of how big that team is, that's roughly 40 times the number of employees at FedEx!

Santa would also have to operate at lightning speed - delivering around 9 thousand presents a second.

Like, I said, good thing he's magic!

Merry Christmas!

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