Having a car is awesome. You can go anywhere at any time. But maintenance and repairs slow down the fun. It would be great if we all knew how to completely take care of everything, but we don't.

When you have something go wrong on your vehicle you have two options. Take it to a repair shop, or go on Youtube and see if you can sift through the dozens of videos that have been done on your particular project and see if it is something you have the tools for and are capable of doing.

According to YouGov, there are ten automotive repairs that people are willing to do. They surveyed people in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, and France to see what they would do themselves.

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Tops on the list for all three of the four countries, the U.S. was the exception, is adding windshield washer fluid. It requires no tools and is one percent more difficult than pouring a glass of milk. Just slightly higher in the America was changing the wipers.

Which of these ten repairs can you do?

What Car Repairs Can You Do?

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