Swift Myers from Tulsa, Oklahoma has been battling cancer, Ewing’s sarcoma, ever since he was in the seventh grade. He’s beaten the disease six times. However, the cancer came back a seventh time and was in induced coma for 11 days but when he woke up, he knew what he wanted to do next: Marry his High School sweetheart Abbi Ruicker.

So on Sunday July 24, 2016 Family, friends and hospital staff arranged for a photographer, videographer and flowers for the special day. Even friends showed up outside the St. Francis Children's Hospital just to get a glimpse of the occasion.

Since marrying Abbi, Swift has been moved out of the ICU and into a regular oncology room. He hopes to go into the radiology field in the future. Abbi plans to go to the University of Tulsa in the fall to study nursing.

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