A heartbreaking story is coming out of Clearwater Lake, Minnesota. 18-year old Raina Neeland is being hailed a hero after drowning in the lake rescuing several children from turbulent waters caused by a nearby dam.

According to the Clearwater County Sheriff's Office via Facebook, Neeland noticed several children struggling in the turbulent water caused by previous heavy rains in the area. Putting her personal safety aside, she went in after them. She managed to help several to the shore in her rescue effort. One of the children required CPR and was revived.

Unfortunately, Neelend went under the water and didn't resurface.

"Witnesses had estimated that she had been in the water for approximately ten minutes. Sanford Life Flight was called to the scene and landed a short distance away. All life-saving measures were performed, but medics were not able to resuscitate the eighteen-year-old."

Facebook responses to the Sheriff Departments post was filled with comments hailing Raina a hero. She no doubt saved several lives with her brave efforts. One said, "She will be remembered as a hero for her selfless act of saving the other children. Saying prayers for peace and comfort her family and the children that were with her at the time."

Stories like this never fail to put things in perspective.

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