This is the true meaning of Christmas.

Over the weekend, Taylor Swift and thousands of Christmas carolers helped to grant the final wishes of 8-year-old Laney Brown, a young girl who is dying of cancer. Brown, who was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia seven months ago, is not expected to see another Christmas, doctors say. And that's why the country music superstar and 10,000 kind-hearted well-wishers pitched in to make this one so special for Laney.

On Friday, Dec. 20, Swift called Laney via FaceTime, and the two were able to see each other while they were chatting. Brown, a huge fan of the singer's, is currently resting in her home in West Reading, Pa. -- which is, coincidentally, Swift's hometown as well.

Swift "was fabulous!!" Laney's mom wrote on Facebook about the call. "She really engaged Laney in conversation. Laney lit up and had a huge smile on her face."

The next night, another one of Laney's wishes came true -- dozens of carolers came to her house, singing Christmas tunes outside of her window. Soon, the number of people increased to hundreds, then thousands, then 10,000. Though Laney was not well enough to listen at the window, she could hear from her bed perfectly.

"I can hear you now!!!" read the caption of a photo of her with two thumbs-up. "Love you!"

Earlier that weekend, Laney also got to fulfill another one of her dreams -- to become a babysitter. Before speaking to Taylor Swift on Friday, Laney watched over her family friend's seven-month old son, patting him and bottle-feeding him.

Watch Laney Brown Get Serenaded by 10,000 Christmas Carolers

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