With inflation having the largest increase in 4 decades (an increase of 7.5% in the past year), many people aren't taking some part-time jobs because they just don't pay enough. Minnesota-based Target is working to entice more employees to combat the staffing shortage, especially in their most competitive markets, by increasing their starting pay to $24 per hour at some locations.

Target was "one of the first major retailers" to increase their base pay to $15 an hour, according to ABC. They made the big announcement in 2017 that the increase would happen by 2020. Since then many of their competitors have done the same and some are paying even more.

Now I'd say Target is ahead of the curve again by increasing their hourly pay to $24 per hour. However, this is only at certain locations. The starting hourly pay is between $15 and $24 per hour based on the store location. If you are hoping to work in an area that Target considers to be super competitive, congratulations, you'll be making the $24 per hour. This is because Target wants to continue to be a big player amongst major retailers so they want to make sure they have enough employees, especially in their most competitive markets.

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ABC reported that Target "declined to name the areas that will be getting the highest starting wage." I would guess that they would be the major cities though, like NYC, Boston, LA, maybe even Minneapolis. I wouldn't be totally surprised if Rochester stores get a slight increase in starting hourly pay because Rochester is a popular place, but I don't think it's '$24-per-hour' type of competitive. But we'll see!

If you find out what's going on with the hourly pay at Rochester's Target locations, message me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! (@carlyrossonair)

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