Boss' Pizza and Chicken has been in Sioux Falls for quite a while and has made a name for itself.

Boss' is known for having delicious food, but they are also one of the only places that are open and making deliveries super late and on holidays.

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Another thing Boss' is known for is the Boss HOG Challenge! Many have attempted the Boss HOG Challenge, but few have succeeded.

What is the Boss' Pizza and Chicken 'Boss HOG Challenge?'

The Boss HOG Challenge is described on the website as:

The Rules:

28 inch pizza

Teams of 2

(1 person if you’re really brave)

3 Toppings (2 have to be meat)

1 hour Time Limit

No Vomiting

No Bathroom Breaks

No Leaving the Table

If you win, you don't have to pay for the pizza and you receive a $200 Boss' gift certificate. Plus, you get the bragging rights!

If you lose, you have to pay for the pizza and you end up on the 'Wall of Shame'!

Taking On the Boss Hog Challenge

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Well, my brother loved the show Man vs. Food and ever since I mentioned this challenge to him, we thought we could do it. He just so happened to be in town last weekend so we decided to go for it!

If you're thinking about doing the challenge, make sure to schedule out some time or call ahead. It took a little over an hour from when we ordered to get the pizza. It is a huge pizza so it takes a while to make. Plus, Boss' is usually pretty busy so you have to wait your turn.

We chose pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and black olives as our 3 toppings.

When the pizza was ready we dug right in. That was probably our first mistake because it was very hot! I would recommend giving the pizza a little time to cool before starting. Also, make sure you go potty before you start. Getting up from your seat for anything disqualifies you.

I was happy the restaurant was relatively empty when we started. I didn't need a crowd watching me stuff my face.

Ultimately, we failed. But we made some good memories, right?

All week my brother was giving me a hard time that I wouldn't be able to carry my end of the eating. Well, guess what? I ate more than he did!

I finished about 8 and a half pieces and my brother only did about 6. Slacker. He was also the first to call it quits. He's a slacker and a quitter.

I honestly thought from the photos that the pizza didn't look that big. Photos lie. The pizza is huge.

To those that have completed the challenge, like, how did you do it? That was so much pizza. To those that are thinking about trying the challenge, godspeed!

It's safe to say I won't be craving pizza for a while. As of the writing of this, it has been 3 days since the challenge and I still don't feel right.


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