South Dakota Farm Families and Boadwine Farms is celebrating June Dairy Month by hosting a bus tour on their farm near Baltic, South Dakota on Thursday, June 27, 2019 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

A bus will take consumers from Sioux Falls to the dairy. The free, family-friendly event will provide guests with an opportunity to see first-hand where the dairy products they enjoy get their start.

Visitors will have an opportunity to tour the farm and speak with the Boadwine family and experts about dairy and farming practices. Guests will also be provided with the opportunity to have their dairy nutrition questions answered by a registered dietician.

The family owned and operated farm was homesteaded in 1874. This century-old farm is a diversified family farming business. Since the mid-90s, the family has focused exclusively on its dairy, expanding from the farm’s original 42-cow herd to its current size of 2,100 milking cows.

Boadwine Farms works hard to be one of the industry’s elite farms by creating an environment that promotes continuous improvement and encourages achievement at all levels of the dairy. They are located at 46945 251st Street, Baltic, South Dakota.

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