The magic of YouTube has once again delivered a video gem. While poking around there a couple of days before Independence Day I found this video.

This video uploaded by YouTube user Michael Jobin is a video tour of fireworks stands he recorded in the summer of 1997. He takes his camera and travels along the Fireworks Strip of Highway 212 from Watertown, South Dakota east to the Minnesota boarder. Starting and Lew's Fireworks in Watertown and making his way to Big Country Fireworks, Dixie Fireworks, and some other stores.

Along the way you can see lots of late 90's cars, which is something i always pay special attention to when I find these old videos. I don't know why the cars of the 80's and 90's catch my eye. It's just a weird nostalgia thing I have. You also get to see some classic 1997 fireworks when the videographer takes a walk around the inside of the shops.


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