I have a complicated relationship with Netflix streaming. On the one hand, I love it. There are thousands of hours of stuff for me to watch, all at a click of a computer thingy. On the other hand, titles disappear without warning all the time. Like all the Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Yo Gabba Gabba that disappeared.

But, it is still better than old tyme TV alternatives, and it is full of hidden gems. Like these four shows on Netflix streaming that make for a old fashion couch camping trip.

Again, Something about Netflix
Something about Netflix (Photo by Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images for Netflix)

First up I have two dramas.

This is a British show produced by the BBC in 2008. It’s about a group of people who survived a super-flu outbreak that takes the lives of most of the population. Society falls apart and those left need to regroup and rebuild.  It’s a solid drama without too much sentimentality and the people do thing that make sense, for the most part. And, it’s a British show so each of its two seasons only have six episodes. So, the show can really focus on story without having a bunch of filler episodes (I’m looking at you Revolution.)

This is my current favorite Sci-Fi TV show. Season one is on Netflix and season two is currently airing on the SyFy channel. The Canadian production is about City Protective Services (CPS) law enforcement officer Kiera Cameron from the year 2077. A temporal incident throws her and a group of criminals into the past (our present day). She has to find them and find a way home, as is required in this type of show.  This show has some of my favorite elements: time travel, futuristic world moral ideas and a female main character that kicks butt.

Now two comedies.

From comedy mastermind Scott Aukerman it’s the anti-talk show. Or a kind of sketch show loosely based on the podcast of the same name. The show features celebrity guests, funny people doing funny stuff and general silliness. Look, take my word for it, it’s great, funny and um..great.

This is another British show, but if you are the computer guy at work, in your family or group of friends then you will get the humor in this show.  Even you are not that guy, you’ll still like it. It’s about the basement dwelling IT Department at a big company. There’s Roy the Star Wars nerd, Moss the math geek and Jen the manager stuck in their world. As always hijinks ensue. And remember “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

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