A fast food staple in South Dakota as long as I can remember, is going to have some national attention.

The HIstory Channel show It's How You Get There will feature Taco Johns in an episode coming up this weekend.

The series follows two adventurers, Greg White and Julian Taylor, as they visit the most interesting places in the world in the most interesting modes of transportation. Their focus is on the journey as much as the destination. And, Taco John’s made the list.

For this particular episode, the pair water-ski on Lake Michigan and then take a boat-on-wheels from the lake to the Taco John’s drive-thru in pursuit of their favorite food – Potato Olès.

The episode will air at 7:00 A.M. on Sunday October 15.

The franchise originated in Cheyenne, Wyo. back in 1969.

And in case you are wondering, stores in Sioux Falls and the Dakotas are not featured in the episode. However it will be cool to see our regional favorite on national television. I mentioned Taco Johns to someone in Baltimore this summer and they were confused.

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