It was a weekend of music and concerts for me and it all started Friday night at the 605 Summer Classic.

T-Pain was the headliner, but Mac Lethal had some great moments during his set as well.

Mac Lethal you may know from his YouTube following. He did the pancake rap and the super fast ABC rap that got him on Ellen!

I must say he was pretty good live and he even brought out one member of SoulCrate for some local flavor!

Caution: These videos contain some profane language. Watch at your own risk!

You may be wondering why Mac Lethal is on a random dude's shoulders. Well, apparently Chris Brown sued him over using his beats because he raps a line about Chris beating up Rihanna so Mac Lethal found a legal loophole that as long as he's not performing the song on stage it's ok, hence the shoulders!

He also started a pretty epic conga line!

Then after what I considered to be too long of a wait, (but I'm old and impatient) T-Pain finally came out!

It was hard for me to get good pics and video because I'm short, but here are a few of the good ones!


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