When I heard the Harry Potter films weren't going to be on Freeform anymore, I was devastated! I love me a 'Harry Potter Weekend'!

Fortunately, SyFy and USA Network swooped in and picked up the rights to the films so now my Wizarding World Weekends are intact. But, SyFy and USA are taking it a step further. They are looking for a Harry Potter Superfan to be a correspondent.

The website states, "Do you consider yourself one of the biggest Wizarding World fans on the planet? Well, SYFY WIRE is looking for a correspondent to help us cover select news and events related to Harry Potter, starting with the world premiere of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald!"

Say what?

To enter, you submit a video about yourself that is no more than two minutes. It should demonstrate why you're a superfan and show off your correspondent skills. Then the SyFy and USA people will take it from there.

The submissions started on August 31st and will go through September 16th.

So there isn't much time left!!! I need more time. Where is a time turner when you need one!


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