It’s a sugary treat that has delighted many a sweet tooth over the past 110 or so years. Let’s use it as an example of how we can be more respectful to each other in this politically charged environment.

Some people don’t care for Tootsie Rolls. The sugary, carmel/chocolate confection holds no allure because the recipe doesn't mix well on the thousands of taste buds on that particular palate.

There is nothing wrong with that. This world is full of billions of people and if you wanted them to all agree on something that list is pretty short. Tootsie Rolls probably wouldn't get within the zip code.

Along the spectrum of love to hate, Tootsie Rolls have someone entrenched in every camp along the way. It doesn't make them wrong or right. Nor should it cause anyone to have a nervous breakdown because there is a disagreement.

In a larger perspective, it's a lot harder to contain feelings on issues that drive more passion, money or power. Obviously Tootsie Roll Industries has a high degree of investment in how people react to their product. There are other candy companies who would like to siphon customers away to sample their treats. In the middle are the consumers who can be open to suggestion on which way to fall.

Pick an issue that garners ratings on radio or television, clicks on a website or mentions in social media. From faith to immigration that same level of love to hate applies to each subject. We should not be surprised at this, being human means showing emotion or at the very least having emotion, but suppressing them.

How people choose to express themselves on these impassioned issues is their business and how we react to their views is our prerogative. Please express and react if at all possible with dignity and grace.

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