'Tis the season to go solo, it seems.

Today (Jan. 16), while Girls' Generation's Seohyun gears up for her first solo mini-album with "Don't Say No," miss A's Suzy is preparing for solo stardom of her own.

The massively popular 22-year-old girl group member, who is set to appear in the upcoming K-drama While You Were Sleeping and also happens to be the first South Korean female pop star to get the Madame Tussauds treatment among other accomplishments (Queen of Wax!), will make her formal debut on January 24 with Yes? No?, her first mini-album. (It's like the two newest solo girls are stuck in a weird back-and-forth conversation: Seohyun's over here saying "Don't Say No," and Suzy's going "Yes? No?")

Ahead of the release of the EP, Suzy just dropped a free song from her EP at midnight in South Korea called "Pretend," which is already destroying the real time charts.

As opposed to a sleek banger like miss A's "Touch" or "Hush," "Pretend" is comparatively raw. You don't even have to speak Korean to cling to Suzy's voice the whole way through: her delivery of the sad ballad is undeniably intoxicating, and the dreary synths provide just the right amount of nostalgia.

The track, as explained by AllKPop, "illustrates the loneliness and sadness of people who appear to be living happy lives but are mourning inside." And don't we all need a dose of that much-needed realness in the filtered age of social media?

A rough English translation, via iLyricsBuzz: "I’m afraid they look at me / I’m afraid they talk about me / So I’m pretending to be happy again."

Also, now we know the song that's quietly teased in the background of all these Yes? No? short teasers.

Here's hoping the rest of Suzy's collection is just as compelling.

For now, watch two live performances of "Pretend" — one for Dingo Music and one for 1theK — below.

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