If you are planning on heading to the mall or work somewhere off I-229 and Louise Avenue, you need to take a different route.

On my way to work this morning, I was surprised to find that the Louise Avenue exit at I-229 was closed in both directions for construction. What I didn't notice, because I wasn't planning to exit on it, is that Western Avenue is also closed this morning.

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That makes it so that your only route from southbound I-229 to Louise is either the Tea exit on I-29 or 41st Street. The northbound side is probably going to mean you're getting off at Minnesota Avenue, which also has some fun construction going on!

All but the far left lane is closed on I-229 from near I-29 to just past Western Avenue. So even if you aren't planning on exiting at either of those streets, I-229 will be a parking lot for you as you travel through town. When is that Highway 100 thing going to be done?

It was a surprise because the city and state have done a good job of posting electronic signs for a week or more letting commuters know that something is going to be worked on or closed. This stretch of I-229 has been undergoing work all summer so the construction was no surprise, but the exit closures were.

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