Mrs. Kip Moore is out there - somewhere - he just doesn't know it. The future Mrs. Moore is aware of where her hope-to-be-hubby is, but there's one problem: she's married to someone else, oh, and don't forget about her two children.

One Kip Moore superfan named Jenna made an appearance on the Dr. Phil show last week (November 13, 2015) to proclaim her love for Moore, and to discuss how she not only had a protection order served on her current husband, but is planning on divorcing her husband altogether.

Jenna told Dr. Phil that it was "love at first sight" and she just knew there was a special connection to Kip Moore after seeing him in concert. She felt the connection was so strong, in fact, that after seeing Moore in concert for a second time, and wearing a red dress backstage at a Meet and Greet, she decided it was time to send her husband walking with divorce papers.

Pleading her case to Dr. Phil, Jenna said her husband was emotionally and verbally abusive toward her, frequently telling her she was fat. But after feeling a "connection" with Kip Moore at a concert, she thought,

I can’t go home to what I have.

The "connection" superfan Jenna talks about, and feels so deeply about, happened when Moore singled out Jenna in the front row, and while he was singing, looked into her eyes. During her Meet and Greet session, Jenna was certain the "connection" was even stronger. Jenna says,

The way he looked in my eyes, I have never felt anything like that before.

Jenna has gone to extreme measures to get Moore's attention. She has called his management and "friended" his band and crew on social media, had his autograph tattooed on her back (under her daughter's name) and even drives around in her car with "Marry me, Kip Moore?" on her back windshield. But has had no luck and no direct response from Moore. Jenna says,

If Kip would be willing, I’d marry him, and run off to Hawaii and have his surfer babies.

Kip Moore has responded, (just not to Jenna), saying that he doesn't want to have to stop engaging with his fans, if it's mistaken for love. He says that he didn't watch the Dr. Phil episode, doesn't plan to watch the Dr. Phil episode, and only wants the best for Jenna and her family.


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