I saw a meme last week that was a joke but almost factual. It read "I'm getting four weeks per gallon right now."

The price of gas is still dropping quickly, and for the obvious reason: there's no demand if few people are driving to work and no one driving to schools every day.

The average price of gas in Sioux Falls has fallen to $1.67, according to GasBuddy.com. That's a decrease of ten cents since last week. Gas can be found for as cheap as $1.49.

In South Dakota, the average price has dropped 11 cents to $1.74, according to AAA. A month ago we were paying $2.27 per gallon, and the average a year ago was $2.71.

“We are seeing fast and furious gasoline demand destruction. The latest data reveals demand levels not seen since spring of 1968,” said Marilyn Buskohl, AAA spokesperson. “Every U.S. region is seeing builds in gasoline inventories and crude storage, which is just driving pump prices even cheaper.”

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