It's Super Bowl weekend and time to share these fun facts with your party guests.

$6,214 -- The average cost of a ticket to the past five Super Bowls.

7 pounds -- the weight of the Lombardi Trophy.

$50,000 -- the monetary value of the Lombardi Trophy.

39 degrees -- the temperature of Super Bowl VI featuring the Chiefs and the Vikings

88 degrees -- the forecasted temperature at Super Bowl 56 featuring the Rams and Bengals. (The game is in L.A.)

$5,397 -- Lowest price of a Super Bowl 56 ticket on the resale market three days after the Conference Championships.

14 -- The average number of people at a Super Bowl party. (Suddenly, I don't feel very popular)

29 -- the number of times "tails" has been called during the opening coin toss of the 55 Super Bowls.

$6 -- The cost of a ticket to Super Bowl I.

1970 -- the year of the first singer at a halftime show. It was Carol Channing.

1.42 billion -- the number of chicken wings that will be consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. (National Chicken Council)

$5.5 billion -- the cost of building LA's SoFi Stadium.

$104,4000 -- the most expensive single ticket found for this years Super Bowl.

$2,414,489 -- the value of Tom Brady's 7 Super Bowl rings.

60% -- Share of Americans who say they are NOT likely to host or attend a Super Bowl party this year.

0 -- the number of shutouts in any Super Bowl.

195% -- The 20-year increase in the cost of a 30-second Super Bowl ad, hitting a record cost of $6.5 million for a spot this year.

4 -- the number of NFL teams that never made it to the Super Bowl (Lions, Browns, Texans and Jaguars)

67% -- More pizza is eaten on Super Bowl Sunday than the average day.

90% -- More beer is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday than the average day.

These numbers were compiled from WalletHub and CresentCitySports.

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