I will fully admit, I usually don't care about movies based on comic books. I did like the Batman series with Christian Bale, but other than that, I'm just kind of like whatever.

However, the new trailer (released today) for Suicide Squad looks very interesting. News of this movie first came to me when I found out Jared Leto was going to be playing the Joker, but I had to ask a friend what the Suicide Squad even was. She explained that it is a bunch of the villains from the comic books brought together to fight in deadly missions that nobody else wants to do. That may be not quite right, but basically you get the idea. Honestly, the only character that rings a bell is the Joker, the others ones I don't know what they're from. I recently learned Harley Quinn is the Joker's girlfriend, but other than that I don't know.

But putting all that aside, this movie looks really good. Kudos to the movie trailer people or just the movie makers in general for getting someone who usually doesn't care about this sort of movie to take a second and think, "I might actually go see this."

Doesn't it look good? The use of Queen is perfect! Will Smith looks good and Jared Leto looks hella scary.

The expected release date is August 5th so mark you calendars.