Remember Sue, the Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil that was found in western South Dakota several years back? Well, she's being moved to a new home in Chicago.

Since 2000, Sue has been on prominent display at Chicago's Field Museum - that is until now because there's a new "big dinosaur" in town. Over the next couple of years Sue will be updated and moved upstairs to a private suite within the Field Museum. The plan is to have her back on display by 2019.

The changes are part of an overhaul to the lakefront museum's main hall. They need to make more room for the largest dinosaur ever discovered.

A 122-foot-long cast of a Titanosaur from Argentina is expected to arrive sometime this June. Once on display it'll take up over a third of the main hall.

In fact, the display is so large, the head of the dinosaur will actually peak over a 28-foot, second-floor balcony.

Source: Associated Press

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