Strawbale Winery's Folk Off and Rib Competition Celebrated Music, Wine and Food on Saturday July 28 near Renner.  The sounds of guitar, fiddle, harmonica, drums and many other instruments filled the sky while crowds gathered to sip wine, sample various ribs and vote for their favorites.

The evening finale was the iconic Red Willow Band taking the stage.  The band surprisingly performed many genres in addition to the anticipated folk music.  The band musically weaved through a journey of smooth jazz, country, rock and folk music.

Crowds spontaneously jumped up to dance along from cover tunes, to original songs.  One particular favorite pays homage to their barn near Brandon that burned to the ground while the band was on the road for a series of performances.  Their lyrics recounted the good times of barn dances in their favorite location and a way of saying goodbye to their favorite venue.  "No more hayloft romancing" entertained the eager crows as fireflies added their own accent to the show.

As the night came to a close, the crowd was asked one more question. "Do you want to do this again next year?"  The crowd replied with a resounding "yes!"

More performances continue at Strawbale winery, with the Thursday Night Porch Series and Sangria Sunday gatherings.  Summer wouldn't be the same without a trip or two every year to Strawbale Winery.

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