It's a Valentine's Day Miracle! We got a teaser for season four of Stranger Things.

We got almost a minute of something. Obviously, the biggest reveal is that Hopper did in fact survive. But, did we really doubt that for a second? Ok, maybe I did, but I was like 98% sure they didn't kill him off.

The teaser was shared on the official Stranger Things Twitter account early this morning with the caption 'From Russia with Love.'

So, we know two things, I think. Hopper is alive and he's in Russia. I think.

The only other clue we have about season four is that we're not in Hawkins anymore. Back in September of 2019, we got another little teaser. Remember?

Which, I guess, makes sense if Hopper is in Russia.

Other than that, we are left with a bajillion other questions. Where is everybody else? If you remember, at the end of last season, The Byers moved away with Eleven. Is the whole gang going to get back together? Are they coming to Russia? Is Hopper going to somehow get back to Indiana? How did he end up in Russia? What's the Upside Down got to do with all of this? Will Hopper and Joyce finally get together?

Most importantly, when is the premiere of season four? I need answers!

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