If your favorite drink is a cold can of Coca-Cola, you could see less of the iconic red cans in stores across the country. Why? Well...they might not make it to the shelves.

The Insider is reporting that Coca-Cola's New York City delivery partner is saying there aren't enough truck drivers to deliver the popular soft drink.  This is leading to a product shortage in various grocery stores.

So if this is a New York problem, how does this impact South Dakota and stores in the state? There is a nationwide shortage of truck drivers across the country.  If truck driving companies are having challenges with finding drivers to deliver products like Coca-Cola, this supply shortage is only the beginning and could ultimately not only affect South Dakota but the entire nation as well.

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A representative for Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages tells the Insider, "Like many local employers around the New York City area, as well as employers across the country, we are currently navigating a disrupted supply chain and labor shortage among different departments, including our fleet management and delivery drivers."

This is not the first time the nation saw a shortage supply of soda products. When the pandemic first began, Dr. Pepper's supply was low on store shelves across the nation.  This was very similar to the nation-wide toilet paper shortage. People were stocking up on soda just as much as they were on household necessities. Sales for Dr. Pepper increased dramatically, and the company could not keep up with the supply and demand. Diet Coke specifically experienced a shortage as well due to the low supply chain for Diet Coke's artificial sweetener and "certain other ingredients" sourced in China.

Don't be too surprised if you see fewer cans or bottles of Coca-Cola in the stores around the Sioux Empire. It may be only a matter of time before South Dakota starts to experience a shortage of truck drivers in the state.

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