Although we’ve already seen the first official trailer for Star Trek Beyond, there’s still plenty we don’t know about the upcoming sequel, directed by Justin Lin and co-written by star Simon Pegg. We know Idris Elba is the villain, that Kingsman’s Sofia Boutella plays an awesome-looking alien, and…that’s about it. A new set video with the cast sheds a little more light on what we can expect from Beyond, including some new weapons and uniforms and one very intriguing secret regarding John Cho’s Sulu.

Chris Pine, Karl Urban and Cho appeared in the set video for Entertainment Tonight, offering a tour of the Enterprise while discussing some of the changes we can expect in Star Trek Beyond. First off, the uniforms are slightly more retro this time around, in keeping with Pegg’s assertions that the film would take inspiration from the classic series, which had more of an adventurous spirit than its successors.

According to Urban, the crew has been on their current mission for two years, so not only are they a bit homesick, but the Enterprise has a little wear-and-tear to it and isn’t as pristine as the last time we saw it. Pine shows off a weapons bay, which is another new addition, along with some larger phasers — and it looks like this is the first time he’s seeing them.

As for Sulu, the host points out a photo on the control platform that we haven’t seen before — Sulu has a daughter waiting at home, and as Cho teases, she has a big secret yet to be revealed. Very interesting.

Star Trek Beyond hits theaters on July 22.

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