If you've seen the new Tarantino movie "The Hateful Eight" and by the looks of the box office receipts not many have, it's definitely not shaping up to be one of Quentin's more popular offerings.

But if you did happen to catch his new flick, then chances are you've also seen a stagecoach made right here in South Dakota that was used in the movie.

Doug Hansen who owns the Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop recently had one of his creations featured in Tarantino’s newest film.

Museums, private collectors and corporate entities, are his typical clientele according to Hansen, although he does get tapped for show business occasionally.

To help celebrate the films run at the Luxury 5 Cinemas in Mitchell, South Dakota on Friday, Hansen brought a “sister stagecoach” to the one used in the film to display at the Mitchell theater.

Hansen said people will usually rent his coaches for a project, but Tarantino liked his stuff so much that he actually bought the coach for his new movie.

If you've yet to see the movie, The Hateful Eight, starting Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson and Jennifer Jason Leigh is still showing at the Century Theaters here in Sioux Falls.

Source: The Washington Times

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