We hate to admit it, but we must realize that the most important things in our lives get the least amount of our attention a lot of times. How often are you both physically and mentally distracted from your family because of work?

In the end, what's going to matter, work or your loved ones? But it's very difficult in this busy world to avoid this situation.

Don't let your married life go unattended. Remember, you have to put some effort into everything to keep it the best it can be.

USA Today reports of a study by the National Marriage Project. If you want to make your marriage happier and spicier, schedule a date night at least once a week.

Couples who do this and devote time to each other are not only more likely to communicate better, but also have greater sexual satisfaction and a stronger commitment to the marriage than couples who don't spend this kind of time alone.

Source: Radio Online

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