Local businesses and establishments around the Sioux Empire are feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Restaurants were even forced to temporarily close their doors.  Thankfully, most local restaurants have been starting to recover from the pandemic.  Some other establishments have not been so lucky.

Back in March, Spezia in Sioux Falls announced a temporary closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This closure is now permanent.

The owner of Spezia, Dave Thomas, just confirmed to SiouxFalls.Business that the local Italian establishment will not be reopening its doors.   This Sioux Falls staple has been around since 1994.  Before the restaurant opened on Louise Avenue, Spezia was originally located at the Park Ridge Galleria at 26th Street and Western Avenue.

While things seem to be improving around the country, Dave Thomas explains to SiouxFalls.Business that he did not feel "comfortable" signing a new lease with the current state of the market.   “After 25 years, this is a loss for me personally and for the Sioux Falls dining public.  A huge thank you to Sioux Falls and the surrounding towns for years of friendship and support," says Thomas.

Despite this unfortunate loss in Sioux Falls, the Spezia location in Omaha, Nebraska is still open for business.  Any gift cards to the Sioux Falls location will be honored at the Omaha establishment.  There will be more information later this month in regards to redeeming gift cards in Sioux Falls.

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