I'm a fan of soaking in as much wisdom as I can during my journey, and learning from the lives of other people is so valuable.

Throne Publishing sent me the following press release I think some families and individuals could really enjoy:

"The Legacy Experience: How and Why to Document Your Life Story". It's a free event we are doing at Coffea on Louise Ave and it's all about how people can document their story, and/or the story of their parents or grandparents.

Our goal is to empower as many people as we can and show them how they can document the story of their family! You can register for free here and it is on Wednesday, April 18th, from 5:30pm - 6:30pm. At the event we will be: Giving free specialty Coffea coffee drinks, pie and Stensland ice cream! Hearing a presentation about the four primary ways you can document your families life story. Giving away a new book Jeremy has written called "The Necessity of Legacy" to all who attend - the book is a tool to equip someone with interview questions and a process they can use to document the life story of their family member. We have limited space for people so register to reserve you spot.

If this event sounds like something you and our family are interested in you can sign up for The Legacy Experience on Eventbrite 

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