Anyone who's attended fairs here in the mid west can agree, that fair time is a special time of year. Whether it's a state fair or a county fair, it has a special feel.

The sounds of kids screaming on the rides and the smell of foot long hot dogs cooking, it makes for an ambiance that can only be found on a fairgrounds.

The Sioux Empire Fair at the W.H. Lyon Fairground in Sioux Falls is in full swing. Carnival rides, food vendors and a fantastic concert line up, all make for a fun fair for 2018.

The one thing that we haven't mentioned until now, is probably the most important part of any fair around here. And that's the presence of agriculture.

One great attraction for visitors of the Sioux Empire Fair, is Old McDonald's Farm. A building with farm animals on display. I will warn you of the dangers from personal experience. Last year a goat tried to eat my shirt. The kids love seeing the animals.

One day at the fair that has been a big, is Ag Appreciation Day. Farmers and their families get a special invitation to come enjoy a free meal. We were there,, as we have been for several years, helping serve the food.

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