When you marry the love of your life you also end up marrying a family. Choosing your partner is easy compared to choosing your partner's parents.

Some people have it good. I love my mother-in-law. She is just interested in all of us and doesn't meddle, has a place for us to sleep any time we want, and will feed us endlessly beyond a normal caloric intake.

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Some people do not have it so good. I was talking about that with some folks this morning and came across some dandy mother-in-law stories that are pretty hard to believe.

--"My ex-in-laws refused to eat anything I cooked. If they came at mealtime they brought and cooked their own meal."

--"Mother-in-law showed up at my house and told hubby to pack a bag and leave me. Also said she hoped we couldn't get pregnant. She hates my guts."

--"My in-laws live in Illinois so I don’t have to deal with them often. When we first started dating his mom accused me of only being with him for his money and being a gold digger. I make more money than him, but neither of us cares"

--"My mother-in-law introduced me to some of my husband's family that couldn't make it to our wedding by saying, "We always thought he'd marry a pretty girl but I guess we like her."

--"My mother-in-law cropped me and my daughter out of our Christmas picture. Just me and my daughter… the picture was just of him."

--"They weren't even my in-laws (never will be thank God) their son and I had an unplanned pregnancy and the whole pregnancy they wouldn't stop telling me it was God's plan for me to give the baby up for adoption because my son will go to hell otherwise for being born out of wedlock... needless to say i kept him and he's 16 living his best life"

--"My wife is African-American and my mom thinks she is a gold digger. I met her selling her a Benz. She is a doctor. I'm a car salesman. Everyone else loves her even my nana. lol"

--"Where do I start. 1. She refused to give any positive words about me for a wedding book my brother's girlfriend was creating for me. 2. For the first 5 years, she'd call me by my husband's ex-wife's name. 3. She makes indirect racist comments knowing I have African and Native American relatives on my other side. 4. They will tell us for holidays that they will eat at say 1 pm. We show up and they ate 2 hrs prior. I could go on."

10 Most Dangerous Cities in South Dakota

Cities on the east and west side of the Missouri River have made the latest list of South Dakota's Most Dangerous Cities for 2021.

Roadsnacks recently released its most 'Dangerous Cities' list and here in The Mount Rushmore state there are a few surprises, especially at the top. To determine the most dangerous cities in the state, Roadsnacks looked at the FBI's report on the latest violent crime, along with property crime statistics.

And surprisingly, the town with the most murders per capita in the state has less than 3,000 residents. Take a look at the list below.

For a look at the detailed list, visit roadsnacks.com Story Source: Roadsncaks

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