Google is great for helping us quickly and easily find information. The flipside of that is that Google is great at collecting all of those searches and producing reports that show us what kind of people we are.

Over the last few years Google has identified each state's most unique side-dish searched for. They also pinpointed each states most searched for pie recipe.

When it comes to pies in South Dakota we keep it pretty traditional. The most searched for pie recipe is for a good pumpkin pie.

When South Dakotans are looking to liven up the side-dish they show-up with, we searched for a nice ambrosia salad recipe. 

If like me, you didn't know what an ambrosia salad is, I'll save you a search. It's that bowl of fruit, whipped cream and marshmallows that shows up at every Thanksgiving, church pot-luck and picnic. Sometimes there's cherries in it. And if that one aunt that lives in another state is in town there might be walnuts. It's basicly the "Oh, that's right, I said I'd bring something to mom's this year" side-dish. It's kind of like the goulash of dessert. I bet the recipes reads: One part whipped topping mixed with whatever's in your cupboard, and marshmallows.

If your family is going to Minnesota or Nebraska for Thanksgiving, be on the lookout for a side of  sweet potatoes, because that's what they searched for. 

If you are gathering in Iowa expect some corn casserole. If it's this recipe from Food Network, I will be super jealous. Corn, cornbread, cream and cheese? Sounds like someone is doing their cooking based on my dreams.

In the pie department, which sounds like a really fun area of a department store, Minnesota and Iowa join SD in the pumpkin pie camp.

In my ancient homeland of Nebraska, they are celebrating the possible return of Scott Frost with some pecan pie. Or I remember it from my youth: that pie with the weird, but sweet, gel between crust and chewy nuts.

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