It's been South Dakota's longest bridge for the past 41 years, but after decades of wear an tear and numerous landslides, the bridge maybe getting a facelift. The South Dakota Department of Transportation is proposing that the bridge be replaced.

According to the Mitchell Republic:

"The project, anticipated to begin in the mid-2020s, will replace the bridge with a new structure expected to last at least 100 years, built off the current alignment to maintain continuous traffic flow in the area both on land and water. If construction closed the bridge, the SDDOT estimates the detour would be 85 miles long, which makes keeping the bridge open a "critical concern."

The newspaper goes on to say that construction on the bridge could take up to 4 years to complete, but will expand the width of the bridge.  As for an estimate on how much it will cost, it has yet to be determined.

The bridge was built in 1966 and is 5,655 feet long, the Platte-Winner Bridge is located on SD Highway 44.

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