Every state has its stone, mineral, or gemstone they are known for. Most of the time the state's stone or mineral gets the award to represent the state as it naturally grows abundantly within its borders.

But for South Dakota's gemstone, I had never seen nor heard of it so I decided to do a quick Google search to see what it looked like and my goodness it is a piece of art.

South Dakota's gemstone is a Fairburn Agate or also referred to as the Fairburn Agate of The Balck Hills and has been the state's gemstone since 1966.

According to BlackHillsVistor.com, the Fairburn Agate was first found in Fairburn, SD hence where the gemstone got its name within agate beds and can sell for a pretty penny since they are so rare and difficult to find.

"They are typically east of Highway 79 and can be found pretty much all the way to the Badlands. Anywhere in the grasslands where there is an outcropping of rock is worth checking out."

The layers that are formed within the agate vary greatly from stone to stone. Agates' layers are determined by the varying types of chemicals that were in the rock and its surroundings at the time of crystal and layer formation. This is why some Fairburns have red and black layers while others have brown or green.

So, the next time you head to up The Black Hills, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the rare Fairburn Agate!

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