Can you believe that next Sunday is already Valentine's Day? My how time has flown by this month; it doesn't help that February is the shortest month of the year but so be it.

And with Valentine's Day coming up have you thought about which candy you are going to give out?

At home to your roommates? Your friends and coworkers? Your siblings or parents?

With a list like that your probably wondering if I was still talking about the same hallmark holiday that has convinced us to believe that V-day is all about the love we have for our significant other.

I am, everyone enjoys candy, and Valentine's Day is the perfect day to hand some out like we're all in elementary school with our little cardboard Valentine's Day card boxes again.

Not sure what candy to give out? Thanks to Zippia they have done all the 'heavy lifting' for us and found out what South Dakota's favorite Valentine's Day candy is!

All 50 State's Favorite Valentine's Day Candy

South Dakotan's prefer Hershey Kisses above all other V-Day candy.

Here are some other interesting facts from this Zippia survey:

  • Conversation Hearts were the favorite candy in four states.
  • The most beloved candy on the Feb. 14 is chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Dove branded chocolate is preferred over Lindor's chocolates

Want to know what other types of chocolate desserts you should share on Valentine's Day? Here are 10 chocolate desserts that you could easily share with your valentine.

Source: Zippia

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10 Chocolate Desserts For Valentine's Day


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